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30 March 2020

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I typically equate a website to a car. You can purchase the most expensive car with the most magnificent engine, but what's the point if you're riding it on biscuit wheels?

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WordPress Update Service South Africa.

30 March 2020

WordPress Update Service South Africa ( was launched in February 2020 with two options.

  1. External WordPress Update and Backup Service - R 75.00pm
  2. WordPress Hosting, Backup and Update Service -  R 159.00pm

Both services have been developed to help manage all WordPress core framework, its plugins and template themes for you with a 99.996% success rate.

It is necessary to keep your WordPress site updated as hackers may take advantage of weaknesses in the core, theme or plugins and enter your WordPress site.

WordPress core is the backbone of your site. Just like a phone has an operating system (OS) like iOS or Android, the WordPress core is the OS of your website. Similar to updates for your phone’s OS, there are updates for your website’s OS as well. These updates happen at regular intervals and carry improvements such as security fixes, bug fixes or new features.

Some Plugins can make your site slow down, cause errors or even result in a complete site crash.

Plugins are additional components to your website just like apps are to your phone. They enhance the functionality of your site. From time to time, plugins on your WordPress site also need updates.

Plugins are one of the biggest security threats if they are left outdated. 

WordPress updates seem fairly simple. You see that an update is available, you click on “update” and you’re done. But that’s easier said than done. If you’ve handled a WordPress site for long enough, you’d know that it’s just not that simple.

We see website owners struggle with updates for many reasons. Updates can make your site slow down, cause errors or even result in a complete site crash. 

Themes reflect the layout and design of your website. WordPress has a few default themes such as ‘Twenty Nineteen’ or you can choose one developed by others. Whichever one you choose, it will see updates coming in.

WooCommerce plugins might see more updates since it plays such a pivotal role in the website

None Supported plugins - If you notice your plugin or theme isn’t getting updates, it could mean that the developer has abandoned it. You should switch to something else that is being managed regularly.


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