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Website Development

Custom Joomla! and WordPress Website Design Tailored to Your Needs.

Having acquired two decades of expertise in media, we have gained a thorough comprehension of the fundamental principles of efficient web design. It's commonly said that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," similarly, the effectiveness of a website's design is determined by its users rather than its owners. Various factors influence a website's usability, and it isn't limited to aesthetics alone, but also involves functionality and ease of use.

Expert Web Designers and Developers to Create Your Perfect Website

Our team comprises of proficient and seasoned web designers and developers, so you don't have to worry about that aspect. They collaborate closely with you to ensure that your website reflects your brand and is uniform across all platforms. Selecting appropriate content and media is crucial. A basic website typically includes 4-5 pages such as Home, About Us, Products/Services, Portfolio, and a Contact Us page. As for media/images, you have the option to provide your own original artwork and images, or entrust us to source images from free or commercially available image stock.

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Overview of CMS, Joomla or Wordpress

A content management system (CMS) is an application that allows you to create and run your website. You will get an admin panel - an interface where you can create and update pages, posts and other types of content (images, videos, etc) and arrange the content the way you need. 
You will also be able to change the design of the site through the admin panel by installing themes (design templates) and changing them when you want. All the actions are done simply by clicking buttons - you will not have to write codes or scripts in most cases.

Basic 5 page WordPress or Joomla! website.

  • Core Framework

    Installation and configuration of core framework including email systems. 

  • Professional Template

    We don’t re-invent the wheel we just use a wheel that works Yootheme – the best is that the theme is licensed ad updates as new feature and security are released.

  • Template Styling

    Customize template to clients Brand CI requirements. 

  • 5 Page Website

    Home, About, Products/Services, and Contact pages.

  • Professional Contact Forms

    WP-Forms – Professional forms for all quotes / contact pages


    Security and spam protection "I'm not a robot" Checkbox.

  • Professional Security Software

    Akeeba Admin

  • Professional Backup Software
    Akeeba Backup
  • Professional SEO
    AIO SEO tagging and image tags
  • Site submission
    Submissions to Google and Bing Search engines.
  • Google Analytics
    Creation, configuration and site link to Google analytics

Joomla & Wordpress Design


What is Wordpress?

WordPress is an open source CMS that powers over half of the world’s CMS sites, and it is getting more comprehensive, intuitive and popular with each new update release. WordPress has a committed community, tons of free extensions (more than any other CMS) and the easiest-to-use interface. 
Managing your content with WordPress is perfectly simple: you create a page, add it to the menu, post something on it and see your content on the front-end of your site. All that adds up to a preeminent CMS platform. So why do so many people choose WordPress for their site? Because WordPress is the easiest CMS to use. 

What is Joomla?

On the other hand, Joomla extension developers and community have come up with many inspired solutions to common web design problems that are hard to resolve within WordPress. If we take any Joomla slider extension as an example, you can set its location on the page, the duration for showing each slide, the sliding effect and the type of pagination. 
In a nutshell, Joomla CMS is a good choice if you have this unending curiosity and eagerness in you to learn. Even though it takes time and effort to get used to its peculiarities, people very often fall in love with Joomla.

What Essential Addon's are Important?

Cartmell and Cartmell Communication have been hack FREE for more than 12 years and attribute this to using aminimum of 3 premium components or widgets. All are premium based software solutions that are always being updated. 

We pride ourselves on using Akeeba admin & Backup Tools which prevent and secures our clients online presence.