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Date: 07 August 2018
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YouTube Channels for Design and Development

Interested in improving your web design and development skills? There are a wide variety of options to teach beginners and advanced users in all aspects of creating a website.

Here is a list of YouTube channels for web design and development. There are video tutorials on coding, design software tools, logo and font design, case studies, and career advice. All of these channels are free.

The New Boston

The New Boston YouTube

The New Boston is a tutorial site with videos primarily on programming and web design, including playlists on JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, and Node.js. There are additional playlists on game and app development and even math and science. With over 4,200 videos, the popular channel has 2 million subscribers.

Charli Marie TV

CharliMarieTV YouTube

Charli Marie TV is a channel from Charli Marie, a web and graphic designer in London. Videos are posted weekly about tools, projects, and concepts. There are also weekly videos about her life as a designer. Playlists include “Building sites in Webflow,” “Designing with Sketch,” and “Designing a website – The full process!


Tutvid YouTube

Nathaniel Dodson’s Tutvid is a site to learn advanced graphic design skills, with tutorials in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Tutvid also includes tutorials to master animation and video with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Lightroom. Tutvid’s “Daily Photoshop Tutorials” playlist covers tools, features, and tricks. Tutvid has 684,000 subscribers.

Traversy Media

Traversy Media YouTube

Traversy Media features online web development and programming tutorials for the latest web technologies including Node.js, Angular 2, React.js, PHP, Rails, HTML, CSS, and more. Useful playlists include “Web Development Crash Courses,” “HTML & CSS,” and “Responsive Portfolio Website.”


Flux YouTube

Flux is the personal vlog of Ran Segall, a designer and entrepreneur. On the show, Segall shares his journey, struggles, and lessons as a designer and a business owner. In “Building A Design Portfolio,” watch him build his design portfolio from scratch — developing the concept and content, creating the design and art, and finally developing the site using Webflow. In “Design Case Studies,” see the full design process when working on branding and web design projects for freelance clients.

The Futur

Flux YouTube

The mission of The Futur is to be the future of online education for creative entrepreneurs. It features design content on identity design and branding, user experience, logos and lettering, typography, the business of design, and plenty of case studies.


Dansky YouTube

Dansky is a design tutorial site by Daniel White. Its tutorials take followers from start to mastery. Playlists include “Adobe Photoshop Tutorials,” “Adobe Illustrator Tutorials,” “Sketch Tutorials,” and “Logo Design Tutorials.”

Level Up Tutorials

LevelUpTuts YouTube

Level Up Tutorials provides in-depth instruction in web development. Videos created for Level Up Tutorials are aimed to be accessible and easy to follow while maintaining high production values. It features development playlists such as “WordPress Basics,” “CSS Tutorials,” “CSS Experiments,” “HTML5 Tutorials,” “Customizing WordPress,” and “How To Make Your First Website.”

The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja Youtube

The Net Ninja is a channel to strengthen your web skills. It has many tutorials for designers and developers. Playlists include “Object Oriented JavaScript,” “Bootstrap 4 Tutorials,” “CSS Animation Tutorial,” “Responsive Web Design Tutorial,” and “PSD to HTML & CSS.”

Iroh Design

Iroh Design Youtube

Iroh Design is a helpful resource if you’re interested in flat design and are familiar with tools in Adobe Illustrator. These aren’t traditional tutorials, as there’s no instruction. Rather, you watch the artist create a project in real-time, set to electronic music. The artist works quickly with plenty of color and style. The complete playlists are “Flat Design Tutorials,” “Logo and Icon Design Tutorials,” “Character Design Tutorials,” and “Text Design Tutorials.”

LearnCode academy YouTube provides web development and design tutorials, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, responsive design, React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, DevOps, deployment strategies, and more. This is a good resource, particularly for anyone wanting to learn JavaScript.


DevTips Youtube

DevTips features weekly videos on development. These are sometimes on personal development, but most often on software, web development and related topics, such as CSS animations and Adobe XD. In the most recent series, “Let’s build an ONLINE BUSINESS,” followers design and code, as well as test, market, and launch an online business.