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Date: 02 November 2020
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How a web development company empowers its clients

BUSINESS NAME: Cartmell & Cartmell Communications (Pty) Ltd
PRODUCT: Managed Server
BUSINESS SECTOR: Website Development

“Cartmell & Cartmell prides ourselves on a 99% clean status with our web developments and preventing attacks.


“Cartmell & Cartmell Communications (Pty) Ltd. started in 2002 with the introduction of the first CMS framework ‘Mambo’”, explains Kevin Cartmell, the owner of Cartmell & Cartmell. “The potential for an ease-of-use framework that our clients could add to, edit posts, and arrange content the way they wanted it was a no-brainer.”

Since then, Cartmell & Cartmell has grown into a full digital studio, offering web design, website maintenance, website hosting and SEO. They describe themselves as “a website development and hosting company providing world-class premium Content Management Systems (like Joomla and WordPress) bundled with purchased templates or themes and components or plugins.”

cartmell team

Empowering clients

Cartmell & Cartmell’s website solutions are all tailored to empower their clients. “Our solutions further drive the convergence of media, telecommunications, and commerce,” says Kevin. “This allows our clients to better interact with their markets, staff, partners, and clients.”

One top tip he shares with his clients is to find the best security software for their website. “Don’t use freeware modules, plugins, templates and themes,” he adds, “It’s not worth it.”

Power and uptime

The Cartmell & Cartmell website generates leads and provides a workboard for their clients. 

“We’ve been with xneelo for 11 years now, and the team and people at xneelo are family to me,” says Kevin.

“We chose a Managed Server for power and uptime. I have been down for 1 hour 48min in our entire business relationship, and this was due to upgrading my server.”


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