I’ve been in digital marketing for over 20 years, and the only way you can stay relevant that long is to read a lot. In digital marketing, if you don’t learn, you die. Period. I look for Solid web technology insight, website analysis, SEO updates and security tips for Joomla and WordPress owners.

Parenting With Ease

Firewalla lets you see what your kids are doing on his/her tablet. You’ll know whether they’re playing games, doing their homework, or going somewhere they shouldn’t. You won’t have to pull the power cord on that dusty router to limit access.

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Google Adwords


Tools - Setup - Linked Accounts


Tools - Measurements -  conversions

This will allow you to track how well the adwords campaign is doing.

 Step One: open Google analytics, click account admin, then select View coloumn and Goals. Create the goal

Step Two: open google adwords, tools, conversions, click +, then select, import, then select the google analytics goal


Adding phone number

ads & Extentions - top extention + call extention


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Complete Cyber Security Solution

Complete Cyber Security Solution

Worried about your baby camera getting hacked? Someone tampering with your smart speakers? Or your phone being used by hackers? Firewalla will automatically alert and protect you from all of these cyber threats, providing peace of mind in the digital world.

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WordPress Site Loading Slow? Here Are 7 Exceptional Speed Boosting Tips!

Wordpress Speed Boosting Tips

WordPress powers nearly a third of the entire internet.

Yet despite the fact that WordPress gives everyone a chance to build a competitive website, WP sites can be notoriously slow.

Because page loading speed can impact your visitor bounce rates, it’s essential to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible.

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Julia K Ceramic Studio

Julia K Ceramic

Johannesburg based ceramic artist, Julia K specializes in Contemporary hand painted, functional and decorative ceramic pieces. Julia's designs are a diverse range of bright, colourful shapes, which are delightful in any setting. The beauty in her work is achieved with under glaze paints and glaze.

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How to Perfect Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Perfect Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Technology dominates every part of our lives, and it is impossible to imagine our society without it.

This means it is imperative that we, as entrepreneurs, fully grasp this digital mindset to garner complete use of the multitude of services and tools now available to us.

You may have mastered the mindset, but do you know how to create a digital marketing plan? Do you know how to drive traffic to your website? Are you happy with the business you’re generating?

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