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Date: 28 June 2018
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WordPress Powers 30 Percent of the Top 10 Million Sites, How about Yours?

WordPress is now used on 30 percent of the top 10 million sites. When you consider there are an estimated 2 billion sites, getting to the top of the heap is a noteworthy accomplishment.

WordPress Powers 30 Percent of Websites

The new figures come from W3Techs, a company which monitors and surveys web technology usage. When compared to the other top content management systems (CMS), the lead WordPress has is even more impressive. It is also worth mentioning, the result is for the entire web, whether a website uses a CMS or not.

And a large percentage of these sites are owned by small businesses looking to simplify their online presence. WordPress provides an affordable solution offers the functionality and features a business needs to effectively run its website.

The numbers W3Techs came up with are based on the scans it performs of the top 10 million websites as determined by Alexa rankings. The process takes three months to average the results, and based on this finding, WordPress holds a commanding lead.

The Market Share

When it comes to actual market share, WordPress has 60.2 percent of the market, which is far ahead of the other CMS platforms. In terms of usage, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Shopify have 3.1, 2.2, 1.2 and 1.2 percent respectively by comparison. But the numbers are even more overwhelming when it comes to market share, as the same above platforms only have 6.3, 4.4, 2.4, and 1.9 percent of the share respectively.

What WordPress Offers

Whether you are building your first small business website or looking to upgrade, WordPress has an all-in-one solution with the scalability you need as you grow. This includes an open source CMS platform with a community of developers, tens of thousands of plugins, built-in SEO tools for optimization, social media integration, hosting, mobile ready design and insights