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Fix PHP and blank screen



De-activate Akeeba admin


De-active Secret Key

No Access to Secret Key

If you DO NOT have access to the Administrator / Administration panel of the website because you have enabled 2FA and you know can't log in, you'll need to disable it via PHPMyAdmin 

  1. From your hosting account log into PHPMyAdmin
  2. Find the table ending in  '_extensions' (the first few digits/letters vary by installation)
  3. Find the plugin named plg_twofactorauth_totp and change its 'enabled' status from '1' to '0'
  4. Save

This disables the 2FA plugin and thus gets rid of the login with the secret key.






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Eskom breakdowns rise

Brace for more Stage 6 load-shedding.

Stage 6 load-shedding, which has happened only once before, looks set to become a far more common occurrence as Eskom’s plant breakdowns remain at dangerously high levels.

Stage 6 means 6,000MW are dropped from the grid to avoid the system becoming unstable. In Gauteng, where load-shedding intervals last four hours, Eskom customers could be without electricity for an average of 10 hours a day.

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2020 in digital marketing: From brand-based to people-based identity and privacy pushes

Opinion 2020 is shaping up to be the year of people-based identity. Marketers are becoming increasingly engaged with trying to understand what this means to them, and how they should be incorporating a notion of identity into their business strategy. Across conferences this year, we’ve noticed heightened engagement from significant, game-changing brands - talking about identity on stage and running people-based marketing campaigns.

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It's Time for A Major Transformation in The Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Adtech is riddled with fraud. It’s time that brands and publishers take control and rebuild trust in the digital advertising industry.

Trust is the foundation of every successful business organization, but you’d never know it by looking at the digital marketing industry. Customers are often told the internet is free, when in reality, they’ve been paying for it with their personal information. Their personal data is often collected (sometimes without their knowledge) and then utilized in the form of advertising.

It’s time for the industry to reverse this trend and create an ecosystem built on trust, transparency and choice.

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7 Amazing Benefits of Kickboxing You Should Know

Tang Soo Do logo

by Jennifer Wasylenko

1. Increase Flexibility

During a typical class warm up, you do several stretches for your hips and shoulders. In addition, the moves during the workout itself involve high kicks to the front and side which also increase your range of motion in your hips.

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6 Digital Marketing Mistakes Made by Major Brands

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is such a minefield of misinformation that even the biggest brands (like the BBC and BMW) make mistakes. Don’t do what these six companies did!

Nowadays traditional marketing techniques aren’t working as well as they used to. And the online landscape can be difficult to figure out… even for huge, well-known brands like BMW, Mozilla, and the BBC.

For small businesses, it’s even harder. When you check out your competitors, it seems like they’re all killing it online. You search for your products and services in Google and it’s their stuff that pops up.

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